Personalized Leather Bag Gift

Dear visitor,
All products over $20 that you purchase through our website are sent as a GIFT, a PERSONALIZED LEATHER BAG that you can comfortably use in your daily life. (There are two bag sizes available based on the product volume and price.)
Furthermore, we customize the tag of the gift bag exclusively for you, embroidering your name and the first character of your last name as "NAME S."
This campaign, which has been greatly appreciated by our customers, is valid for all products over $20.
In case of gifting more than one bag in the same order, only one of the bags of the same size will have the name printed, and the other bag will be sent with a standard tag. This way, you can gift different bags to your loved ones.
To have a different name printed on the tag, you can contact us through our WhatsApp support line at +90 536 695 85 97
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